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CBE Black Solidarity Grant

About the Grant

Through the CBE Black Solidarity Grant, we commited $4,000 to fund organizations and projects that serve Black and Brown communities and advance racial equity and social justice in the Greater Boston area. We are creating this grant program with the hopes that doing so will fund impactful organizations and projects advancing important work, while allowing us to think more critically and engage more meaningfully with efforts to combat inequities and injustices confronting our own communities. We strive to continue this work not just today, but moving forward. 

Harvard CBE stands in firm solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement along with all those affected by systemic racism, oppression, and discrimination. Acts of racism and discrimination are not one-off moments captured by media; rather, they are lived experiences that people and communities continuously struggle with in their daily lives. In the face of injustice, hatred, and violence that continue to target and endanger communities of color — especially Black and Brown communities — the moment we now face is critical. We appreciate your continued support for all who continue to fight against inequity and injustice. Thank you.

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