Meet The Team

CBE takes an individual approach to every project. On each case team, the Managing Director, Case Team Leader, and Analysts will first learn the specific needs of their client before creating a customized plan to solve the central question and come up with a final deliverable. The executive board oversees all aspects of CBE's activity, from managing cases to recruitment to organization-wide socials. Our members bring a variety of experiences and backgrounds including math and science competition winners, start-up founders, and interns at top professional consulting firms. Get to know us a little better below. 

Karen is a sophomore concentrating in computer science and economics


Alex Dang

Alex is a junior studying human developmental and regenerative biology


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John Hatcher

Managing Director

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John is a junior studying Social Studies, African American Studies, and Statistics

Enio Andoni

Managing Director

Enio is a senior studying economics and psychology

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Kevin Sze

Managing Director

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Kevin is a junior studying economics and computer science

Jeffrey Wang

Director of Finance

Jeffrey is a sophomore studying computer science and english 

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Ashley Kim

Director of Operations

Ashley is a junior studying english and economics

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Dan Ennis

Managing Director

Dan is a sophomore studying applied math, economics, computer science, and history

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Hamzeh Hamdan

Managing Director

Hamzeh is a sophomore studying applied math, economics, and computer science

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Haemaru Chung

Director of Sustainability

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Haemaru is a junior studying economics, psychology, and english

Kevin Wu

Director of Sourcing

Kevin is a sophomore studying applied math and global health & health policy

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Darlene Fung

Director of External Engagement

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Darlene is a senior studying molecular and cellular biology and psychology

Aisha Khan

Director of Internal


Aisha is a sophomore studying economics and spanish

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